Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is multifaceted and every individual will have different takeaways.

For me, it’s about honoring our heritage and community. A big part of that is family; remembering our family’s immigration stories and how we came to be here while recognizing the rich culture that was left behind.

My Family Story

Being from a first-generation multicultural family (Filipina mom and Swedish dad), my heritage shaped my openness to new experiences, travel and knowledge – all of which I bring to Cotidié.

My mom moved to the United States from the Phillipines in January of 1986 where she didn’t know anyone and English wasn’t her first language. She modeled how hard work & kindness is the path to success in life.

I am grateful for my mom’s dedication and sacrifice for me as a child (fun fact: I was a competitive figure skater as a child and my mom graciously logged long hours in the car shuttling me to practices!) and her incredible resilience. It is only fitting that I named one of our  signature pieces of the Cotidié collection, the Orpha Tunic, in honor of my mom.



All About the Orpha Tunic

My mom was looking for a top with full coverage in the front and back. I added in a sleek hidden button placket and an additional snap at the bust for anti-gaping security, as well as longer side-split hems for a romantic drape. 

The Orpha Tunic is versatile, comfortable, and best of all, looks and feels amazing to wear – just ask my mom!

Here are a few of the favorite ways we pair the Orpha Tunic:

  •  As is with our Harriet trousers
  •  Belted with our Amelia pants
  • Tied in front with high waisted jeans (My current fave business casual look)
  • Tied in front with jean shorts for the weekend

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XO, Kristina

Founder of Cotidié