Modern life is busy.

Our solution to today’s frenzy is functional style that lets you live your life with more ease.

Our Story
“Get Zoom ready in seconds with this belted blazer from Cotidié. It’s made with stretchy, athletic fabrics for comfort and can be thrown on quickly like a robe. With its wrap-around belt keeping things nicely snug and hidden, you can be wearing a T-shirt (or anything really) and still look professional in a cinch.”
“… A professional-looking top that’s still super comfortable if you don’t want to be in sweats during a video conference.”
“A BLAZER AND TROUSERS AS COMFY AS YOUR VINYASA GETUP? It’s not a dream—at least not anymore.”
"From the front, it's a classic white shirt—but the back has mini pleats that billow to keep you cool."
"For those Zoom calls that require dressing up, this top has the look of professionalism and the feel of athleisure!"
"Gift this classic shirt, with a twist. The moisture-wicking and stretchy material mean this shirt is the queen of double-duty. Whether you're a frequent flier or just like to look chic (but make it comfy) at the grocery store, this athleisure brand has got you covered."
"With a slim leg and fitted look, these chino-style work pants are stylish and practical for business travelers."
"This sleek blazer would look impressive at any business meeting—so you'll probably be surprised to know it's actually made with stretchy, moisture-wicking material. That means you'll look totally professional rocking this for a meeting (virtual or in person)."


Clean lines and tailored silhouettes. 
The foundation of a streamlined capsule closet.