It’s officially Fall, but with temperatures that can go from pleasantly warm to unexpectedly chilly depending on where you are located, choosing the right outfit can be a puzzle. That's where Cotidié comes in with it’s perfect blend of versatility and chic style, ensuring you're dressed to impress (and comfortable!) no matter the weather!

The city that never sleeps takes on a unique allure during the fall season! As the leaves in Central Park turn red and gold, it's time to layer up and dive into the charming autumn of New York City.


In the heart of Texas, fall takes on a different flavor. Houston's autumn may not be as crisp as other cities, but it's just as vibrant. Our effortlessly versatile Orpha tunic + the Larissa trouser define both style and comfort, making sure you're always prepared for Houston's ever-shifting climate.

With its mix of coastal breezes, desert warmth, and mountain coolness, the Golden State's autumn presents a diverse set of challenges for fashion enthusiasts. Whether you're strolling along the beaches of SoCal or enjoying a day in the vineyards of Napa Valley, we recommend layers, layers, and more layers all over the fan-favorite Gabrielle dress as the perfect foundation.

Here at Cotidié, we understand that each city's fall has its unique character. From the bustling streets of New York City to the warmth of Houston and the sunny skies of California, our collection has been thoughtfully designed to help you embrace the season in style, no matter where you are.