Is there anything better than a good night’s sleep? Creating a bedtime ritual has helped us to reflect on our day and set the stage for bedtime. Our routine has helped to improve our sleep quality which definitely benefits not only how we feel the next morning, but our overall health and well being. Here are a few tips for you to try:


The science is clear on this topic – turning off screens (especially your phone) – is crucial for a good night’s sleep. Try subbing out Instagram scrolling for a cup of hot tea or a warm bath! We love this relaxing chamomile & lavender bath bomb from Switch 2 Pure to transition away from the busy day into a restful evening.


Wind Down

Whether you listen to calming music while stretching, read a book/write in a gratitude journal, or quietly meditate for a few minutes, the goal is to create a relaxing routine your body can count on. We look forward to the quiet time at end of the day when we get to curl up with a book. We recently read Hester: A Novel by Laurie Lico Albanese and highly recommend you add it to your reading list!


Get Cozy

This is where we come in! Made with a soft and dreamy modal fabric, Cotidié's new sleepwear collection is soft, stretchy, and perhaps the comfiest pjs you’ll wear. Choose from three different styles of tops and two bottoms to create your perfect set!

We can’t wait to hear how YOU enjoy the new sleepwear collection. Be sure to tag us in your pictures on Instagram @cotidieclothing using the hashtag #dayindayout and share your tried & true bedtime routine tips with us!